Core Compliance + COVID19 Safety Training for an Essential Workforce

Required Courses for Employees, Employers, & Applicants Under the New Mexico Department of Health Regulations

Your first step to your new career.

Our Founder, Shanon Jaramillo, breaks down our Core Compliance Training and what our online platform means for you.

The Online Core Compliance Training bridges the gap between your current state of mind and your career. These courses will shorten your learning curve for a potential new career in the industry with the necessary curriculum set by state regulations.* By taking these classes, you are helping break the stigma of cannabis by bringing a new standard of compliance through education in the industry. Also included in this bundle is access to updated lectures designed to promote personal and patient safety when working for a cannabis establishment.

When committing to study the Core Compliance Training, you will feel more prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic that we are facing as an ESSENTIAL WORKFORCE. The 5 STAR EMPLOYEES currently in the field will appreciate how quickly you are able to train in their brand standards based on the new vocabulary and knowledge you will obtain. Let’s continue to break the stigma of cannabis through education together!

Reasons to take our Core Compliance Training:

  • You will have 12 MONTHS ACCESS to your profile, updates and ALL new material first
  • You will have access to an ongoing COVID-19 mini-course series on health, safety and curbside standard protocols for the ESSENTIAL WORKFORCE.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion in the Health Information Portability Accountability Act, a New Mexico Department of Health requirement for ALL licensed employees. Our HIPAA class is customized for medical cannabis employees based on federal and state legislation. It's the only class of its kind.
  • Our curriculum positions YOU as a reliable employee who knows how to minimize risk for your brand in a “still federally illegal industry”. You can become the employee who sets a standard for your organization.
  • Eliminates required on-boarding training making you stand out as a quick and efficient new hire ready to learn about a company’s policies and cultures.
  • Prepares aspiring entrepreneurs with a guide for training employees.
  • Our courses EMPOWER you to be an expert on the current status of the medical cannabis industry and will boost your confidence to ENGAGE in speaking with cannabis professionals.
  • You will also have a better understanding of the Endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works as a medicine from our Research & Developments course.
  • Overall you will have a thorough understanding of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, the legislation that legalized medical cannabis in New Mexico and begin to feel empowered as an ambassador in the community and an advocate for the industry. This will allow you to UNDERSTAND THE LAW and TO BECOME RESOURCEFUL for your patient customers.

This bundles includes courses on the following to prepare you for the medical cannabis workforce:

  • New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program
  • The Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act
  • Ethics - Code of Conduct
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountable Act Certification Course
  • Research and Development in Medical Cannabis
  • Safety & Security Compliance

Plus: Receive FREE access to Personal & Patient Safety courses designed to further develop the workforce during a crisis.

When you complete all six courses in this series you will receive an automated certificate. Within 14 days** of completion, you will receive your official 5 STAR Certification of Completion for both Core Compliance Training and HIPAA. You may use either version to apply for work. Both are accepted by NM DOH compliance at the time of on-boarding and renewal business periods for MCP Licensed Employees in New Mexico.

Upon completing the course compliance training, you will have access to updated Personal & Patient Safety Courses to help during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond. These additional lectures are yours at no cost and will be updated as information changes. As the future shifts to a new normal, we will be there to keep you safely prepared.

*These are necessary credentials to work for a licensed business under the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act (2007), NMAC, and NMAC

**Please forgive us if there was a delay in receiving your certificates. We are in the process of finalizing and launching new material for alumni and employees. Visit our site regularly for updates to our program. Thank you for your time and interest in the medical cannabis industry.

No Refunds.

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The Trainers of the Cannabis Training Center
The Trainers of the Cannabis Training Center

The Cannabis Training Center is a workforce solution for professionals working in regulated cannabis and hemp marketplaces. Our educators offers state specific regulatory and safety curriculum needed for individuals to develop their skill-set by becoming 5 STAR alumni. We empower students to have a greater understanding of how the industry works and how they can participate in risk management by way of breaking the stigma through education.

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