New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program (NMMCP) Course

Pre-requisite and companion course to the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act for Workforce Employers & Employees

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program (NMMCP) Course is one of the six classes found in the required Core Compliance Training for 5 STAR Alumni who train with us to work in the local cannabis field.

What do students, aspiring employees, and employees learn through this course?

This course is a comprehensive overview of the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program, the Industry and Marketplace. It has been designed to provide information on the regulations, the systems for patients & businesses, and updates to program statistics. The purpose of this course is to provide yearly revised resources around how the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program works for patients, businesses, the workforce, and the state agencies involved. It also serves as a prerequisite to the Responsible Vendor Training which is a curricula required by the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) for licensed cannabis employees.

Reasons to take the NMMCP course:

  • To gain a baseline of knowledge about the industry
  • To receive updated information on regulations that shift every legislative session
  • To understand what it means for a business or an employee to work under the program
  • To know how to safely work for an organization within a heavily regulated industry
  • To learn how to access program resources to share with patients and colleagues
  • To boost your confidence when speaking to fellow activists and industry professionals
  • To obtain industry language and outlets for community/business relations

Methodology and Outcomes:

All courses at the Cannabis Training Center offer a pre and post testing structure to ensure improved outcomes for our students. This also helps our educators improve and update curriculum standards each year. All courses offer 5-7 modules with the actual PowerPoint presentations, audio, and manuals to read along with the instructor. Each course has a customized syllabus as well as "student study assets" - links and resources that provide actual data used to develop the course.

Important Notice for Purchaser of Courses: If you are taking this training to work for a licensed business or if you are a licensed business training employees for yearly renewal requirements under NMAC 7.34.4, consider purchasing the Core Compliance Training bundle pack on our home page. All profiles come with yearly updates of the material and 12 months access.

*NOTE: If you have recently purchased the Core Compliance Course the NMMCP course is included with it.

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The Trainers of the Cannabis Training Center
The Trainers of the Cannabis Training Center

The Cannabis Training Center is a workforce solution for professionals working in regulated cannabis and hemp marketplaces. Our educators offers state specific regulatory and safety curriculum needed for individuals to develop their skill-set by becoming 5 STAR alumni. We empower students to have a greater understanding of how the industry works and how they can participate in risk management by way of breaking the stigma through education.

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